Technology has made our lives ridiculously simpler. You'd be hard pressed to find someone you know that doesn't own any electronics or gadgets of some sorts. Whether it's your neighbour that owns a coffee maker with a digital timer, your son who plays video games all day long on their X-Box or Play Station, or your agent who uses the day planner app on their smartphone. Those are just a few examples of ordinary people in your life who rely on some sort of electronics to get them through the day.

Technology keeps evolving at such a rapid pace that a gadget you have in your home today might be obsolete by tomorrow. That's just the way it works. Companies that manufacture electronics always have to work on the next big gadget because they know if they don't their competitor will. How many of you when you first bought a laptop to use in your condo thought it was the greatest invention ever? What wasn't awesome about a miniature computer you can carry with you wherever you go. There's nothing else that companies could come out with that would top laptops.

They did though. The next big thing in the electronics world is tablets. A tablet is a portable personal computer that you use without having to rely on any computer operators for it to function. They come with nifty touch screens, virtual keyboards, handwriting recognition when texting through the screen, wireless adapters to connect you to nearby wi-fi hotspots, web browsers, and so many different software applications that you can download onto your tablet. Tablets are fun and simple and much more convenient than a laptop.

A tablet basically replaces your laptop, desktop computer, ereader, and mp3 player as all tablets can be used to replace what those devices did for you and much more. Why carry around a laptop, ereader and mp3 player with you when you leave your property when all you really need is a tablet that has the same capabilities? Most tablets are lightweight and convenient all-in-devices.

Need to read a book while browsing the net intermittently while listing to music at the same time? You can do all that on any tablet such as the iPad, T-Mobile G-Slate, Samsung, Chrome Notebook, and BlackBerry PlayBook. Every day these tablets and so many more that enter the tablet market are updating themselves to provide you with features that make your day much easier and a whole lot more fun. From games to restaurant reservation apps to apps that navigate you in your car if you get lost. Owning a tablet simply makes life easier.

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