As far as history goes, people tend to like to make divisions in human development according to the most important invention or aspect of the age. That's where you get terms such as "the Stone Age" from; we tend to think of it as a primitive time but, in fact, it was an advance in human evolution. It paved the way for the car that you drive everyday. Stone still helps build the condo developments you see out the window. During that time, people all over the world began to realize they could use stone to manipulate their environments and make life a bit easier. The same is true for the Bronze Age, the Age of Empires, the Industrial Age, and so on.

Today, it is pretty easy to see why our time has been classified as the Computer Age. Nothing in human history has been as important to every area of our lives as the invention of the computer. Computers are helping us work from home, allowing us to talk to those across the country and helping a child do their math homework. They run the systems that we depend on to live, and they help us to organize our lives. A recent survey suggests that most homes have at least one computer, with over 50% having two or more, which means that the computer has replaced the television as the single most important electronic hub in family life.

Unlike stone or even bronze, however, computers are not the easiest essential invention to understand. While most of us have an idea of the basics of the workings of our computer, that knowledge does not tend to run too deeply. For example, it is likely that you can use the term gigabyte in a sentence, but do you actually understand what this term means in relation to your own computer? Most people don't. We all know that motherboards, processors, and operating systems are critical for computer operations but when it comes to details we can get quite lost. If you're looking for a dentist, the average dental website will most likely be the product of a dental office template rather than a unique design. This is because the average person doesn't know, beyond surfing the net and checking email, how to use the internet, as silly as that might seem today.

In fact, our computer technology has advanced to the extent that we are arguably less able to do things than before the computer age. Here's an example: we used to file our income taxes on paper, going through each form filling out numbers and ticking boxes. With the advent of software that simplifies this task, most of us no longer know the ins and outs of the tax system, or how to plan ahead to take advantage of the greatest rebates. This gap has made room for companies like Rental Rebate, ( to fill this need.

So what does this have to do with a site that is dedicated to electronic purchasing? Well, when you go out looking to buy a computer you will often find that it is the little details that have the greatest influence on the price. Moreover, most salespeople at electronics stores will either put you to sleep or have you feeling insecure as they attempt to explain the differences between machines. What we want to do in this section is take a look at the specifics of computers and how and why they will affect the price tag that you see. You can then decide what is the best price for you.

Of course that is just one aspect that we will take on in the computer section of our electronics webpage. You can also expect to find articles that offer tips on finding the best information on computers both online and off, how to save, and what to purchase as extras. If your work is mostly computer based you'll be more interested in the speed of the hardware that is put into your system and its reliability.

We won't be limited to just computers either, but instead to all the components that go into your computer system. That means taking a look at printers, monitors, software, hardware, sound systems, and all the things that go into making your computer work for you. Finally, expect to find recommendations for keeping your different computer purchases safe and convenient; we will take a look at items such as a virus software.

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