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As the years go by we seem to be more and more dependent on technology. Companies are becoming global thanks to the power of the Internet and we have electronics in our homes that help us do everything from control the temperature to watch a movie with full surround sound. When you're equipping your home with the latest toys out of stores like The Source and Best Buy it can be difficult to distinguish between what you need and what you just want. Here is a little more about the most popular electronic items.

With most televisions moving to HD designs and some models even coming out now with 3D capabilities, more people are installing full home theatre centres in their homes. There are different degrees of home theatres that are out there that service different needs. If you're just looking to amp up your sound system and picture quality than you can quite easily fit speakers and a big screen television into your regular family room layout. If you've got a rec room and you're looking for the full home theatre experience than you can add a projector and screen, comfy individual seats, and even a decor theme.

The other new trend in homes is to hook up all of your appliances, systems, and electronics to a universal computer system. This could mean that there is one remote that allows you to set the alarm at office, check if you're almost out of milk and adjust the volume on the music system or it could mean that you can turn on the dryer from your computer. There are different degrees of this new technology as well. Some people just have a system that allows them to control things like the home's temperature and their lights. Others like to have everything possible patched into one source.

Technology is moving fast from all sides and there are all sorts of inventions to make your home life a little easier. You can now have all of your music stored on your MP3 player of choice and hook it up to a full sound system at home, an adapter in the car, and headphones when you're on the go or working out. There are electronics that can help you maintain your pool and lawn and even new inventions to help you secure your home. You might be looking at fabulous condominiums and see electronics running the home in a way you only thought possible in science fiction films. And the best thing is that these designs are only going to get bigger and better in the future. Page sponsor: Trinity Family Dental Clinic Whitby

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