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It's happened to everyone. You look forward all week to the weekend, when you will have some time to work on that project you started, or have been planning to start, for months. It might be home repair, souping up a car, building a shed. Saturday morning dawns, and you start getting everything ready. Your tools are out, you have your ripped work jeans on, and you get to work.

Halfway through the project, you realize that you don't have everything you need in order to get the job done. It might be you are missing a couple of tools, materials, anything. First you think, no problem, I'm off to the store. That solution does not always work, though.

Some people might be located too far outside an urban centre containing a hardware store to make a trip in feasible. Others might shop all day at these stores, looking for something suitable for the job at hand and not find what they need. Does this mean they are out of options?

No, indeed not. It is a whole new world for all shoppers out there, and that includes handy persons who want to find copper lugs and other knickknacks for a home project. The Internet is packed with sites and stores where you can find just the parts you need to complete your project.

The first place to look will definitely be eBay.ca. The famous online auction site usually has anything anyone can want, and you can get it for much less than you would at a retail store, too.

If you check eBay and don't see what you want, or you don't trust the seller, you have other courses of action online. Try going to one of the big search engines and just typing in the part or special tool you are looking for. It's almost a guarantee something will come up, and that it will be a site where these parts or tools are for sale.

If you are of a paranoid mindset, then shopping online may even help you avoid the expense of an accident. Vancouver, Toronto, and other cities can be hazardous to drive in, particularly for people who are already feeling frustrated because they can't complete a home project. Doing your shopping online can really help you avoid the hidden costs of buying that part or special tool.

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