Choosing A Phone

The first consideration for most cell phone owners will be size. Again, it is kind of amazing to look back at the development of the cell phone and see how the size of these instruments has shrunk over the years. It's a big part of the reason why everyone has a cell phone today; they are easy to carry and can be tucked away on your person. You might be about to make a deal on the go and need to have your phone on you, but with it tucked in your purse or pocket it doesn't have to be the centre of attention.

That said, some phones are too small, specifically in the keypad area. Generally women can get phones of any size, but guys tend to have a bit more trouble with smaller keys. You might have meant to call home but accidentally ended up getting a stranger because your fingers hit more than one key at once. Make sure you are comfortable with the keypad size before you purchase.

Next, you will want to consider what your cell phone can do before you make a purchase. We will talk about features and so on in another article; right here, we want to talk about the different types of phones and what they can be used for. There are a huge range of phones available, and it can be tempting to jump at the one with the most functions. However, buying a phone that can do too much can be a waste of money.

On the high end, there is the Apple iPhone. This device is a cell phone, an iPod, and a limited function laptop all in one. It's great for teenagers and other highly mobile people. However, if you tend to use your phone strictly for your business and prefer using the other devices separately, there is no point in ponying up the cash for all the extras the iPhone offers. Many professionals who use their phones for file sharing, spreadsheets and even details like critter reports from Shamrock Pest Management choose to own a Blackberry phone.

As far as basic features, almost all cell phones are created equally. Time and frequency standards are based on the same technology, the keys are in the same place, they all fold down, and so on. The biggest differences will be in shape, colour, and other personal choices.

Aside from the features added to the basic phone model and aesthetics, the plans offered with a cell phone might also sway your purchase decision. Most of the major phone companies, who usually also subscribe to specific phone brands, have packages which make a big difference to a buyer. You need to figure out how many minutes you will use in a month, both texting and talking, before deciding on a package. This will differ depending on your demographic, the primary use of the phone, and other factors.

Sometimes, the best package is a flexible one. Some months you will hardly use your cell phone at all, and other months you will be doing everything from arranging travel plans to making appointments to renegotiate your mortgage. Most cities have a plethora of phone companies with plans to suit your specific needs, so be sure to shop around before you buy.

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