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One of the great things about the leaps and bounds being made in technology today is that where we once needed half a dozen little gadgets to get things done, today we only need one. The cell phone is a great example of that. You can use your cell not just to make calls, but to type out messages to your friends, surf the Internet, play games, keep from getting lost, and even to listen to music. Pretty soon, they will probably be selling cell phones that work as tiny little strapping systems so big industry can hand them out to all their workers!

The problem with all of these features in a cell phone is that they can be too much, and they all cost money. Buying a cell phone is a lot like looking through real estate listings in magazines; they all look great, but you don't really know how suitable they are until you use them. In this article, we want to provide you with some guidelines when out looking for the right phone extras for you.

The most important thing to do when you are buying a cell phone, and this includes the cell phone package, it to make a budget for yourself. Sticking to the budget will help you resist the temptation to pick up that cell phone which can make 3D videos and is just $200 more.

Of course, resisting those temptations is always a problem, so the next rule is really take a look at what is being offered and decide if you need it. Before you get to the fancy extras, make sure you factor in the costs of the charger, the bluetooth pieces, and other hardware that will definitely be useful to you.


Once you have the necessary items covered and you are still under budget, start considering the additions that the different phones have. Here, it is time to use some realistic discretion. Sure, it is great to have the Web available on your phone, but how much will that cost you when it comes to the actual plan? Would you really be likely to look up condo real estate on a website on your phone rather than on your laptop (which, nine times out of ten, is just as handy).

Actually, that is one of the biggest secrets of good cell phone extra buying. You need to ask yourself, will this added feature really be something I will use on my phone, or would I prefer to use another device? Most of the time, the device designed for the purpose will be your choice, rendering the extra technology on the phone meaningless (but still costly!).

Once you take a look at the physical features, it's time to make some smart choices when it comes to the cell phone package you purchase. The same basic rules apply here; make a monthly budget and select a package that stays within it. Forget about extras that you don't really use (unless you are a teenager, what is the point in all those text messages?). Look at prepaid minutes instead of monthly plans to make sure you are not going to be paying for time you're not using.

Cell phones have become so sophisticated that the range at the local boutique rivals the range of products you can find in a store. If you don't make decisions carefully (and ahead of time!) you may end up paying a lot more than you had originally bargained for, on features that you never use.

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