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When it comes to staying in touch and being able to record your memories and share them with others, there are no two inventions more important than the phone and the camera. In this section of our site, we are going to be posting articles that can help you when it comes time to go shopping for these two important electronic products; we'll take a look at what is in store below.


While email is more popular today than it ever has been and VOIP has begun to make a big splash, allowing people in their North America homes to talk to Japan without paying phone prices, for most people, the preferred communication method with the outside world still remains the telephone. Now, this does not mean that the phone of the average person is anything that Alexander Graham Bell would recognize if he came back from the dead, far from it. But most people today still like to hear the voice of another person on the other end of the line whether they are calling in a personal, business, or emergency capacity.

The evolution of the phone have given rise to a huge range of options, as far as what is available to the person looking for a phone goes, and that is more or less what we will be focusing on in the articles posted to this section. If you enter most homes they probably still retain traditional landlines. A young professional in a busy city might have only a cell phone which have their own unique features and options.

Wading through those options and finding the right price for your own phone is what we want to help you out with here. Too many people are overpaying for their phones, paying for features that they don't use or don't know how to use, and we are going to help you understand what you do and don't need in a phone today. This information will be applicable both to mobile phones and your home landlines, and should save you money in both cases.


Like the phone, a personal camera is an essential part of the operation of any household and an important device for many people. Cameras are used to record our personal memories, from your trip to the 30,000 Islands to moving into that new house, and bind us together with our past as well as to the people in our lives; many people are very particular about their pictures and what goes into them.

Your camera choice will have a direct impact on how you remember many different parts of your life, so you want to make sure that you are informed before you go out and make your purchase. Just as is the case with phones and any other electronic advice, there are a lot of different cameras and features on the market. The type of camera and what it can do will have a big impact on the price you pay, so you want to be sure to understand some terms and their relation to price before you go out and make a purchase. What if you're using the camera to document a dentist interview for example, for future reference? Or your documenting a wedding in the backyard of a local church. Our articles will help you in this area. You can also check out this website which defines different means of getting medicinal marijuana.

Before you go out looking for a new camera or new phone, make sure you check the information that we have available. We can help you save money as well as select the right piece of equipment for you. We can also help with some ideas, as far as keeping your purchases convenient and safe go; phone cases, camera cases, and different types of maintenance will also be covered in our articles.

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