Those over twenty years old may remember a time when everything was not done on computers. Not too long ago, if you wanted pictures developed, you had to take them into a developer. If you wanted posters or cards made up, you had to locate a business that specialized in print design. Looking for a nice home? You would have had to pick up the paper or call a real estate agent to find a good selection.

Today, of course, all of those tasks and hundreds more can be completed from your own home, right on your computer. The increased use of the personal computer over the last decade and a half has meant that a whole slew of products have been developed to get people producing almost anything independently. It seems as though something new is coming out every other week, whether it is a software program designed to help redecorate your home or to design business cards. Online programs combine that software with the power of the Internet, so there are even more possibilities open to the enterprising individual.

In this series of articles, we are going to talk about software and how it can help you in several common situations. Software has come a long way and is no longer just useful for playing games, doing some minor figure computations, or making a spreadsheet for work. These days, software is integral in processes from architecture to business design.

The massive amount of software available for individual use means a couple of different things. First of all, the use of specific software in certain areas can mean huge cost savings on your part. We will see how this works in these articles, particularly in the "legal" and "finances" titles.

We will also take a look at how software can take a lot of the guesswork out of your home renovation or redesign projects. It used to be that you had to trust your mind's eye when it came to giving your home an extra bit of zing, but today working home designs are no longer a matter of near certainty; you can see them before you invest the money.

Whether you are looking to make an online brochure template for your business or to produce your own music video, there is software out there to help you with the task. These programs not only make your projects easier, they are professional as well. They will save you both time and money, so take a look at the articles in this series to get an idea of just how helpful different types of software can be.

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